Members Statement: Little Angler Kits

29 November 2023

Watch the video here.

Earlier this month the first of the 95,000 little angler kits were distributed throughout more than 1900 schools. I was very excited to stop by at Point Lonsdale Primary School to see the distribution of the little angler kits to the grade 5 students there. The little angler kits are delivering on a pledge of the Allan Labor government’s package to improve fishing, boating, piers and aquaculture and get more Victorians to enjoy the outdoors. I absolutely love this. As a keen fisherperson, it was incredible to see little kids receiving their own fishing rod and reel with a tackle box and a guide to fishing that breaks down all the basics that they need to know. They were very excited. These students, along with other students in the Bellarine who will receive their free kit, can test out their new supplies over summer, get out in the fresh air and perhaps join the family in fishing and travelling around our beautiful waterways across Victoria.

Across the Bellarine we have incredible beaches and beautiful spots to fish, and many locals love using the St Leonards Pier. The St Leonards Pier is a beautiful fishing spot. It has been promised an upgrade as part of the Allan Labor government’s budget, and we are following through on that commitment. The draft plan is currently in development with community consultation, and it is expected to open up over the summer. I have many constituents interested in this upgrade and the project. At the last St Leonards market many stopped to talk to me about this upgrade. I look forward to seeing families using the new anglers kits out on the pier for many years to come.