Constituency Question: Regional Community Sports Infrastructure Fund

15 May 2024

Watch the video here.

My constituency question is for the Minister for Community Sport. Minister, did the City of Greater Geelong council submit an application to the Regional Community Sports Infrastructure Fund to support new basketball facilities in the Bellarine? I have had many community members advocate for more indoor sporting facilities in the Bellarine, particularly for basketball. Nearly every week there are 400 basketball players, juniors mainly, who are given a bye, unable to play due to the court shortages. I have spoken to many of the club presidents, including Tim Semple from Ocean Grove Breakers, who have seen a massive growth in their club but need facilities to practise and play. The regional community sports fund provides a great opportunity to resolve that shortage of indoor facilities in the Bellarine, and I have raised this matter with the mayor and the CEO directly several times. However, I have had local community members reach out with concern that their council may not have taken up this opportunity. I look forward to hearing the response and sharing it with my electorate.