Constituency Question: Power Saving Bonus

08 March 2023

My question is to the Minister for Energy and Resources, Minister for Climate Action and Minister for the State Electricity Commission.

Minister, with a new round of the state government’s $250 power saving bonus set to be opened to Victorians on 24 March, how many homes within the Bellarine electorate have received the bonus from previous rounds of this much-welcomed program?

I do say much-welcomed program because I know in talking to constituents right across the Bellarine, they are angry at having to pay ever increasing energy bills – power bills – with many families feeling the financial pressures, especially the young and the elderly. Bellarine residents want to see emissions driven down and renewable energies increasing and, as such, strongly support the government initiatives like reviving the SEC, a $3.75 million energy assistance program and the $250 power saving bonus.