Constituency Question: Minister for Roads and Road Safety

16 May 2023

My question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. Minister, could you please investigate what could be done to clean up the rubbish along the side of Murradoc Road between Drysdale and St Leonards?

St Leonards is a beautiful coastal town on the Bellarine.

Like all towns on the Bellarine, St Leonards’ residents are rightly proud of their town’s unique charm and character, but local residents and the St Leonards Progress Association have rightly pointed out in correspondence to me that the considerable amount of rubbish alongside the verge of Murradoc Road that poses a risk of ending up in our bays and is also problematic for our farmland and our farmers. It is a blatant eyesore.

I proudly stand with my community in wanting to see our beautiful towns kept clean for our residents and our visitors that come to experience the Bellarine.

I ask the minister to investigate what can be done to improve the cleanliness of this stretch of Murradoc Road.