Adjournment: School Breakfast Clubs

14 May 2024

Watch the video here.

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Education, and the action I seek is that the minister provide an update on the breakfast club program and when will government schools in my electorate of the Bellarine currently not part of the program be able to join in providing kids a nutritious start for the day.

The breakfast club is an incredible program helping to reduce that financial strain for families in the current cost-of-living crisis as well as ensuring kids are getting the nourishing start to the day that they need. Four of our government primary schools in the Bellarine currently receive the breakfast club, and I am proud that this government is expanding the program to include all government schools so more kids can get the opportunity to access breakfast. I look forward to hearing this update from the minister so I can share the good news and timeframes with my local government schools.