Adjournment: Queenscliff Coastguard

18 June 2024

Watch the video here.

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Emergency Services, and the action I seek is for the minister to visit the Queenscliff coastguard unit when their new marine search-and-rescue vehicle is delivered and to meet the hardworking volunteers, who respond to more than 80 incidents each year.

In the 2023–24 state budget over $2 million was announced to provide a new marine search-and-rescue vessel for the Queenscliff coastguard to continue their work in helping our community, especially our boating community.

In September last year I was invited to go out on one of their smaller boats to learn about the work that they do, and flotilla commander Michael Donohue and the crew took me out of the rip just off Point Lonsdale there. They head out into some really volatile situations out there, and they assist those boaters who find themselves in trouble.

Recently we announced, after a competitive tender process, that a Victorian company, Alumarine, will build the new search-and-rescue vessel, and I look forward to seeing that completed vessel when it is delivered, which will serve our community. I would be pleased to welcome the minister to visit Queenscliff coastguard and see firsthand our government’s investment in delivering safer waters for all Victorians.