Adjournment: Planning Policy

20 February 2024

Watch the video here.

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Planning, and the action I seek for the minister to join me and meet with my Bellarine communities about the new planning review for Victoria.

Planning has always been a lively topic on the Bellarine, and when meeting with various community associations, business organisations and constituents, planning is raised as one of the top priorities.

The community has absolutely welcomed the work done to protect the Bellarine through the implementation of the DAL – declaring Bellarine part of the distinctive area and landscapes statement of planning policy – but we know that work is also underway to look at the bigger picture for Victoria, and growing well is a priority for this government.

It is a commitment for me to have the community part of the conversation and solutions for their own future. As we develop a new plan for our cities and towns and what our regions should look like in the coming decades, I am eager to listen to and also have the minister hear directly from my constituents.

Being the first-ever whole-state plan, setting out to further improve our housing affordability and choice through to 2050, I am confident to say that Bellarine would very much like to be part of this and be engaged.

I would like the minister to meet with Bellarine communities to discuss the new plan for Victoria, what this may mean for Bellarine and how they can be involved in the community and consultation process.