Minister for Police Visits Bellarine and Portarlington Police Stations

Minister for Police Visits Bellarine and Portarlington Police Stations Main Image

16 October 2023

Ahead of the busy summer period, the Minister for Police joined Member for Bellarine Alison Marchant on Wednesday 11 October to attend the quarterly meeting of the Bellarine Community Safety Group to discuss community safety and policing on the Bellarine Peninsula.

The Minister for Police was able to listen to community members and discuss their work towards crime prevention and safety in the lead up to the holiday season.

The Bellarine Community Safety Group provides a space for community leaders to work with the Bellarine police to discuss and develop initiatives in addressing local community safety issues and crime prevention.

Ahead of the summer period, it was reiterated that local residents need to remember to always lock their houses and cars and ensure all valuables are stored securely. Local police also confirmed their commitment to continue to patrol our roads, and our waterways, including the monitoring of jet-skis.

The Portarlington and Bellarine (Ocean Grove) Police Stations also welcomed the Minster for Police and Member for Bellarine for a tour of the stations where local police were able to discuss the latest achievements and challenges on the Bellarine. With the lead up of campers, beach goers and tourists visiting the Peninsula, local police are prepared for a busy season.

Quotes attributable to Member for Bellarine, Alison Marchant:

The Bellarine is a wonderful place to visit, and soon will be getting increasingly busy as people visit our beaches, campsites and beautiful coastal towns.


The police men and women at the Portarlington and Bellarine stations, work hard every day to ensure the safety of local residents and tourists, and are prepared for a busy season on the Bellarine.


I encourage local residents and visitors to be safe on our roads and waterways, so everyone can enjoy the offerings of the Bellarine.